End-to-end property investment service

Managing a property investment portfolio, or managing a rental property, can quickly become a full-time job.

But you probably already have one of those!

So, at Staircase we provide an end-to-end experience for our clients, with a full suite of professional services to help you along the way. Our goal is to create lifetime partnerships, where we can help you grow your rental property portfolio until you reach your final goal.

Our services start with helping you structure your property investment and finding you the right new build rental property, right through to finance, insurance and property management.

Creating your portfolio

Everyone has their own idea of what financial freedom looks like. It could be as simple as taking an overseas holiday every year, building passive income, supporting your family or retiring early and comfortably.

Dreams are free! But making them come true costs money – and that’s where we come in.

Staircase can help you create a steady stream of income, rather than an ever-depleting pot of cash. Whether you’re starting late or starting early, the important thing is to get started!

Mortgage advice and broking

Having a well-structured mortgage is super-important. Over its life, an incorrect structure or the wrong product could cost you thousands of dollars. That's why regular review of your loans, savings plans and payment structure is so important.

The team at Staircase specialises in helping you reach your lifestyle goals faster.

We can help you:

  • restructure your debt to improve cash flow
  • source new funding against your assets and income
  • incorporate other high interest loans (e.g., hire purchases or credit cards) into a mortgage loan
  • review your existing mortgage(s) to check you have the most effective product, rates and structure
  • reduce your mortgage faster, save on interest payments and make better use of your funds

Our team of accredited mortgage managers will identify the best mortgage solution and will structure your loan for maximum tax efficiency.

Contact a member of the Staircase Financial Management team to see how we can help you reach your financial goals faster.

Mortgage advice and broking

Insurance Products

Identifying and minimising exposure to risk is an important part of any investment strategy.

Throughout our lives there are many things we wish to protect… from cars and property, to your health, your life or your ability to earn an income.

Insurance can also provide you with peace of mind that, in the event of illness or death, your loved ones won't have the additional worry of how to pay off outstanding debt.

We recommend reviewing your risks regularly to help ensure that you, your family, your assets and your investments remain protected as your circumstances change.

Contact a member of the Staircase Risk Management team to find out more about how we can help protect your assets.

Property accounting

The team at Staircase Accounting can help you with:

  • choosing the right investment structure to maximise your tax benefits

  • taxation planning and advice

  • preparation of financial statements, GST returns, tax returns, ACC levy statements

  • IRD assessments, queries, correspondence, and audits

  • tax-effective property ownership structures

  • business, personal or investment tax returns and, company formation

Contact a member of the Staircase Accounting team.

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Property management

Successfully managing a property portfolio can be a full-time job – but that’s probably not what you’re looking for, especially in retirement! Our team can help take the hassle out of your rental property investment. 

Our passionate and skilled team of property managers can help:

  • carry out day-to-day property management and communication with tenants

  • navigate the minefields of Residential Tenancies legislation and bond processes

  • find you great tenants through our stringent tenant screening process, while minimising downtime between tenants

  • get you a premium rental return

  • oversee maintenance of your property using our trusted network of quality, cost-effective tradespeople, and

  • manage dispute resolution.

Our mobile team manages properties Auckland-wide, Tauranga, Queenstown and Christchurch.

For the convenience of our clients, we also offer a broad range of home maintenance services, including painting and decorating, grounds maintenance and landscaping.

Contact a member of our property management team to find out more about how we can help take the stress out of your investment or head over to our property management site for more information.

Property management services

Book a free planning consultation

In little over an hour with one of our property investment experts we can discuss how a new build property investment could help you step up your retirement.