Nowadays people are living longer. A 65 year old could be expected to live as many as 20 or more years in retirement. The quality of life you enjoy in the future depends on how well you prepare for it today.


Do you know how much money you’ll need in retirement? The cost of retirement may be even bigger than your mortgage. Could you save that kind of money in preparation for retirement?


Staircase can help you create a steady stream of income for the duration of your retirement, rather than an ever-depleting pot of cash. Whether you’re starting late or starting early, the important thing is to get started, after that time will do much of the work for you.


Our Team actively engage you to:

  • work with our accounting team and trusted real estate professionals - create a tailormade property investment strategy, and to identify suitable properties to meet that strategy;
  • work with our financial advisors, source new funding or refinance existing funding; and
  • build your long-term property portfolio, provide you with property management services.

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