Success stories

Meet some of our incredible clients and find out how they've achieved financial growth through property investment. With all kinds of backgrounds and goals, they'll show you how our expertise and support made their dreams come true. Dive into their inspiring stories and start picturing your own journey to success with us!


Meet Charlene, a first-time property investor whose journey began with a simple phone call to Staircase. As she weighed her options, it was the people behind Staircase that ultimately won her over. Starting with just one property, Charlene's venture has exceeded expectations, leaving her excited about future posibilities.

Her journey started with a question: Could she use the equity she had built up for investment? To her surprise, she discovered she could. Charlene's story shows how taking a chance and teaming up with the right people can turn dreams into reality. From that first call to now, her journey with Staircase is just the beginning of something great.


Dolly & Billy

In 2017, Dolly and Billy took a leap of faith as they wonder if their hard-earned equity could fuel their dreams of investing. To their delight, they found out it could with Staircase! With a sprinkle of guidance and a dash of courage, they discovered that what they had was more than enough for a property investment.

With Staircase by their side, Dolly and Billy's journey became a successful one. From booking a free consultation to unlocking the door to financial freedom, they showed that sometimes, all it takes is a little curiosity and the right partner to turn dreams into reality. Their story is a reminder that with the right support, anything is possible.


Ralph & Kerry

Meet Ralph and Kerry! They kicked off their investment journey with a simple plan: pay off their mortgage in 10 years. Guess what? With Staircase, they nailed it in just 7 years! They didn't want their investment to change their lifestyle; they wanted it simple, easy-peasy, earning money without lifting a finger.

Starting their investment game later in life, Ralph and Kerry have built a cool portfolio with lots of properties. Their story proves that with a clear goal and the right team (that's us!), you can hit your targets and still enjoy the good life. With Staircase on board, they're cruising towards a worry-free future, no sweat!


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