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We do not charge any up-front fees. Our revenue comes from our partnerships with developers and additional services we provide, if you choose to use them.

Our team has been helping New Zealanders become successful property investors for over 20 years. We make everything easy for you, with all the professionals you need in one place.

Auckland, Tauranga and Queenstown.

We provide:

  1. Property advice and acquisition
  2. Mortgage and insurance broking
  3. Accounting and tax advice
  4. Property management 

Our services are all ‘pick and choose.’ Of course, we recommend you use our own passionate professionals who are very specialised in their fields, but this is completely your choice.

Yes, we can see you at your convenience

A real estate office mostly lists every property they come across and then look for buyers. Our strategy is very different. We work for you, not the vendor. We partner with a select group of developers, often at ‘green fields’ stage, to design and build rental properties that are specifically tailored for you, the investor. We carry out lots of research into the type of properties that tenants are looking for, as well as assessing the overall area for future capital growth and stability. We complete a large amount of due diligence on our developers  and also ensure the final contract that you sign is negotiated so that it’s not all in the developer’s favour!

We help clients in their twenties through to their seventies. Each client is unique and they all have different situations.

However, if you have a household income of no less than $100k and either cash of over $150k or equity to the same value you could be able to invest with Staircase. We’ll use bank lending formulas to check what you can afford. Even if something can’t be done straight away, that’s not a no – we can create a plan together to get you into a good position as soon as possible.

Our qualified advisers can put together a plan to achieve almost any financial goal. Of course, we don’t have a crystal ball, so sometimes the plan can take longer (or less time) to achieve. But most of our clients will pay down debt after many years and use the cash for their retirement, to help family with buying properties or businesses. You tell us your goals and we will help you set out a roadmap to get there.

No – you own 100% of your property and are free to do anything with it that you wish.

Our team has helped close to 10,000 clients over the last 20 years.

Yes, absolutely – one benefit of Covid is that our team is  great at holding consultations virtually. Just dial in!

Interest rates are cyclic and unfortunately they are difficult to predict with accuracy. The best resources we have found are the economic reports from Tony Alexander; We can help you to ensure against rate variances by structuring your loan to include a portion on a fixed rate. Remember that over time, rents generally increase too, so there is often an offset to assist here.

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In little over an hour with one of our property investment experts we can discuss how a new build property investment could help you step up your retirement.