Crazy insurance claims of 2023

Insurance claims don’t have to be all about death, destruction, disease, or disaster. Some are just droll and delightful, especially when they involve cute animals.

Here’s a couple we heard about from State Insurance during 2023:

This pup didn’t want ride with Rodney either:

“One customer’s vehicle was hit by a dog driving a van. The pup was sitting in a van and somehow managed to release the handbrake. The van rolled backwards down the driveway it was parked in, crashing into our customer’s vehicle parked on the other side of the road.”

Turns out the dog was not man’s best friend on this occasion. They say never teach your children to drive, but we think that rule should include your labrador too, even if they like muffins.

We’ve heard of guard dogs, but guard peacocks?

While guard dogs are a common claim for damaged goods, you’d least expect a bird to be the cause of a damaged room in your home. Unfortunately for one homeowner, a curious peacock caused a lot of damage to their bathroom. How did the peacock end up in the bathroom? Who knows, but Tippet revealed the mayhem that unfolded when it decided it had to defend itself and its territory.

“Our customer’s pet peacock managed to get into their bathroom. Upon seeing itself in the mirror, the peacock attacked the ‘intruder’, causing significant damage to our customer’s bathroom.”

He probably thought the bird in the mirror was his long-lost twin. And tenants wonder why we’re a bity iffy about allowing pets!