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Success Stories

“Staircase was a God-send! Without them, we'd be in a pretty sad situation with retirement looming closer every year!” Dolly and Billy, Auckland.

In 2017, Dolly and Billy took a leap of faith as they wonder if their hard-earned equity could fuel their dreams of investing. With a sprinkle of guidance and a dash of courage, they discovered that what they had was more than enough.

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Staircase is a property investment company based in Auckland that’s helped clients build better futures through new-build rental property since 2001. It’s all we do, and that’s why we’re so good at it!

Why invest in a new build property with Staircase? Because we know how to make it work! We’re obsessed with keeping your investment on track to deliver the retirement you’ve always dreamed of. We’re property portfolio management experts, with results to match.

We know the best locations across New Zealand to buy investment properties and we work with developers to deliver amazing value for our clients.

Staircase is 100% New Zealand owned and operated. We’re here to help you invest in property for your future and deliver the quality rental properties Kiwi families need. We hope you join us!

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We do not charge any up-front fees. Our revenue comes from our partnerships with developers and additional services we provide, if you choose to use them.

Our team has been helping New Zealanders become successful property investors for over 20 years. We make everything easy for you, with all the professionals you need in one place.

Auckland, Tauranga and Queenstown.

We provide:

  1. Property advice and acquisition
  2. Mortgage and insurance broking
  3. Accounting and tax advice
  4. Property management 

Our services are all ‘pick and choose.’ Of course, we recommend you use our own passionate professionals who are very specialised in their fields, but this is completely your choice.

Yes, we can see you at your convenience

A real estate office mostly lists every property they come across and then look for buyers. Our strategy is very different. We work for you, not the vendor. We partner with a select group of developers, often at ‘green fields’ stage, to design and build rental properties that are specifically tailored for you, the investor. We carry out lots of research into the type of properties that tenants are looking for, as well as assessing the overall area for future capital growth and stability. We complete a large amount of due diligence on our developers  and also ensure the final contract that you sign is negotiated so that it’s not all in the developer’s favour!


We’re always hiring! Staircase’s amazing growth has happened alongside the career successes of our awesome team.

We’re always looking for more great people to join our property investment company, so take a look at our current opportunities and get in touch if you’re interested in one.

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